Tips from the Top - February 2018


Happy Valentines! – What does it teach us about business?

I was in my local supermarket last week (yes, I know, TAB is a glamorous lifestyle) and had to weave between cards and gifts promising eternal love in roses and chocolates - it got me thinking.  For those people that know me, I know……a divorced man talking about Valentine’s Day…. surely there must be someone better qualified? Well, here goes….


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What to Share

At this time of year as many people have taken stock of their life and business and spent some time developing clear strategies and plans on how to get the most from their business, the issue of measures will inevitably rear its head.

What to measure depends very much on the business, the business owner and their stage of evolution so that is not the focus of this article.  The discussion on many of our boards recently has been, “I want to get the most from my team so I want to share the performance of the business but what can I share?”

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Direct Mail is Dead!

We had a very interesting discussion at a recent Board Meeting which started with the statement that DM was a waste of money. In fact it backs up what Rob Ruffalo of Impact Marketing said 5 years ago: “direct mail marketing is nothing but a method of wasting money that biggest corporations may afford, but for a business person with small businesses, it can have devastating effects.”

But who believes this and is it true?

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5 Weird Facts about Decision Making

One of the main areas that leaders and teams talk to us about is decision making. Occupational psychologists Brentfield Consultancy, who work extensively in the field of emotional intelligence, recently published their conclusions about decision making – and the results might surprise you.  In Brentfields view -

On the surface, decisions seem easy. You weigh your options, measure them against your goals and choose the option that’ll bring you the most benefits.

Of course, nothing’s that simple. People have different motivations, use different decision making frameworks and have different worldviews that shape the way their work with others. So, how do you make better decisions? How do you empower others to make decisions? What can you do to help teams to make better decision?  How do you influence a decision making process?

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Quick Tips

Control Your Environment

Do unpleasant jobs in pleasant places.

By : Bob Smith, Thermo Tech Auckland LTD

At the End of Every Quarter

At the end of every quarter, put a bit of time aside to go back through your calendar or diary.  Review the meetings you’ve had; with prospects, clients, colleagues, advisors.  What’s the learning, and which should do more of in the future?  And which need a nudge from you now to make sure the actions agreed are progressing as you intended?  And who should recognise and thank now for making something happen?


By : Mike Andrews, MD, John Bradshaw & Son Ltd, Manches

Networking - Be Prepared!

If you are going to invest time and money in networking, be prepared.  Make sure you have a 30-45 second pitch and practice it.  If you have employees representing your business, make sure they are prepared and even get them to do the pitch to you and other employees.  Watch what others do and learn from those you consider to be professional.  Networking can open doors but it can also cause those doors to be shut in your face and double-locked!


By : Terry Hayward, TAB (Stockport-Peak)
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