I started running TAB Boards in Basingstoke in January 2013. I had seen the value that Boards of Directors could provide to larger businesses and believed that smaller businesses would also get a great benefit from objective advice. While consultants, family members and employees can provide a useful sounding board, only business owners can really appreciate what other business owners are going through.

TAB also gives me a great opportunity to use the experience I have built up over the years. This gives me the chance to make a real difference in the companies and the lives of business owners local to me.

I now have three boards running in the Basingstoke area with businesses from a wide variety of sectors, and business owners with all sorts of experience.

What I enjoy most about TAB is seeing my members leave their TAB Board meetings not just with ideas to help their business, but also with a huge emotional gain – sometimes that’s renewed energy and enthusiasm for the business, sometimes it’s a look of relief as their fellow TAB members have helped them solved a problem, or perhaps just the comfort of knowing that they’re not alone. Seeing that TAB makes a real difference is why I can’t imagine doing anything else.

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