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Andy Cecil

Andy co-owns The Alternative Board Basingstoke & North Downs, which he runs with his colleague Damien. Andy has over 23 years of business experience including:-

• Managing Director of a European Group SME based in Basingstoke operating within the Retail Packaging, Point of Sale and Merchandising sectors
• Operations Director for a £7m food processing business where he was principally responsible for overseeing the implementation of a new production processing facility and implementing the process, procedures and quality operating environment
• Business consultant and coach with his own company Yatta Solutions Limited working with SME owner Directors to grow, implement change and develop structure and processes to the organisation.

Throughout Andy’s career, he has mentored, developed and coached individuals and teams helping them to personally develop and grow in order to successfully meet new challenges to improve personal skills and capability, management of work load, performance, quality. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations has been a core philosophy for Andy leading to appraisal and development of mindset, understanding, continuity and consistency, and performance excellence. The results generating long term customer value and loyalty and increased profit per client. Andy completed business courses covering law, accounts, economics and IT and is currently working on Six Sigma. He has himself benefited over the years from coaching and mentoring and continues to develop his own knowledge and skill as part of his ongoing work ethos.

Andy’s passion for helping owner managers and directors is derived from his own experience building and leading a business and understanding the need for sharing and discussing ideas and strategies with others to gain perspective and alternative views before making key decisions

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Damien Koziol

Damien Koziol co-owns the franchise for The Alternative Board Basingstoke & North Downs, currently enabling over 30 companies to achieve and excel in their businesses. Damien has over 25 years of business experience principally in the areas of process and quality improvement and customer services in the airline and telecoms industries.

Most of Damien’s experience is in the corporate world having worked for British Airways Engineering and Nokia Mobile Phones. More recently he has worked with start-up businesses helping them build solid foundations which have enabled them to grow and develop.

Throughout Damien’s career he has coached and facilitated teams around the world which has helped them to improve performance, quality and their level of customer satisfaction, in each case generating greater shareholder value for their businesses.

Graduating in Mechanical Engineering has given Damien the ability to work in highly technical environments and has also given him an organised, methodical way of working, but it is his experience in working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures that has been most rewarding.

Damien’s passion is for working with individuals and businesses, helping them to focus on what matters most and to reach their full potential. The Alternative Board provides outstanding tools and resources that enable him to do just that.

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Phone: 07973 512050

Clare Chaney

Clare Chaney is a Facilitator with The Alternative Board North Downs. Having worked with both small and large businesses over many years helping to deliver owner and shareholder value, Clare is using that knowledge and expertise to help over 20 companies to achieve both their personal and company goals.

Clare has pursued a highly successful career in broadcasting and new media for over 25 years with a track record of developing start-up and SME businesses through strategic leadership and business transformation.

Clare became a key member of the founding executive team that won the contract to develop and launch the government funded start-up: Teachers TV, eventually becoming CEO. She went on to develop a model for a new business, creating a wholly online product, securing seed capital of £1.2 million and setting up a new company.

Leading complex tender negotiations, embedding effective business models and operational frameworks, managing and inspiring management teams and her stakeholder management experience provide Clare with the credentials for supporting the business owners that she works with at The Alternative Board.
The Alternative Board is a great opportunity where her passion for sharing her knowledge and a desire to be more involved in the local business community can be united to help local business achieve their goals.

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